Hostel Rules

Hostel Rules (For Both Boys & Girls Hostel)

Students are allotted room in the hostels for a period of one year and will pay for the entire year. No refunds are permitted and every year after clearing hostel fee the allotment will be renewed.

  • Students will be held fully responsible for any loss or damage to electrical fittings, furniture etc., in their room (s).
  • Students should not keep expensive items or gold articles in their rooms. The college holds no responsibility for any loss or theft.
  • No student shall permit any stranger / friend /relation / unauthorized person to stay in his / her room even for a shod period and if found doing so, the student shall be liable for serious action including expulsion from the hostel.
  • No Visitor shall be allowed to enter the hostel /rooms except the Visitor room in hostel.
  • All Lights and Fan must be switched off and water taps must be turned off before leaving the room, failing which a fine will be imposed for each item found switched on when the room is locked.
  • Students are required to write their names and addresses in the register maintained for the purpose with the Warden before leaving for outstation on weekends or holidays after obtaining due permission.
  • No student should be rough to the mess employees. Any complaint against any mess employee(s) must be brought to the notice of the Warden immediately.
  • All the students are expected to take their meals at the prescribed time in the mess and not in their rooms.
  • No student should create any disturbance or nuisance for the fellow residents by roam in around in the corridors or staircase. Play in radios or audio systems at late hours during the night is strictly prohibited
  • Any student found taking drugs or alcohol or in possession of alcoholic drinks or any kind of narcotic/ intoxicating drug will be expelled from the hostel. A periodic or / random breath analyzer checks to detect level of alcohol in blood may be carried out in the hostels / premises of the College at any time. Disciplinary action will be taken against such student who is found positive for the same and the charges for the test shall be paid by the student. In addition to this, penalty may be imposed on him.
  • Discovery of any lethal weapons or arms in possession of a student, shall invite his expulsion from the college without any enquiry.
  • No student of the hostel shall be absent from the hostel without written permission of the Warden. Students wishing to visit friends or relatives allowed by the parents even on holidays shall obtain prior written permission of the Warden.
  • On working days even if a student goes out with prior sanction or permission, he/she is expected to be back before sunset to the hostel.
  • In times of emergency if parents / guardian wants the students to visit them, intimation must be sent to College! Hostel through proper channel.
  • Any student found violating any of the above instructions! rules shall render himself to disciplinary action before the committee.
  • Student absent from the hostel with7ut obtaining night passes would also invite disciplinary action against them.
  • The Principal & Controller of the institute would decide regulation on the matters not included above.

Additional Rules/Instructions for Girls Hostel Residents:

Parent / Guardian are expected to produce a list of probable visitors of the student with specimen signature and photograph of those visitors along with their own.

  • If the parent / guardian is not able to produce this on admission he is expected to send the same soon, without which no visitor would be permitted to meet the hosteller.
  • Nobody else will be allowed to meet or take the student out either from the college or from the hostel.
  • Persons other than those who bring letter from the parents / guardian or those other than from the authorized list will in no way be permitted to meet/take the student out.
  • Each student will be issued a check-out book containing 20 leaves during the whole year. This book will not be reissued (even if lost) and is nontransferable.
  • During holidays parent / guardians are expected to accompany or send authorization letters to college, failing which the student will not be allowed to leave the hostel.
  • The student is expected to reach the hostel at the stipulated time and sign the register kept for the purpose on entry, which will be checked periodically.
  • Outings and shopping must be intimated to the authority concerned and prior permission must be obtained with statement of check out and check in timings failing which disciplinary action will betaken.
  • No male relatives will be allowed to enter inside the hostel rooms. Their entry will be restricted to the visiting room.
  • Female relatives/friends are allowed to visit the inmates but they cannot stay beyond 8 pm.
  • Students are expected to attend college on there opening day after vacation. No excuse will be considered.